MARCHETTI was set up in 1966 with the sole aim of manufacturing machinery for the production of two-wheelers, with the bulk of its output being destined for the bicycle sector.
Since then Marchetti' s range has been constantly extended to cover all main operations in bicycle manufacture, so that in terms of variety of equipment offered, it is currently the largest producer of bicycle of motorcycle production machinery worldwide. Moreover, many machine items in the range are the only ones of their type available on the market.

Over the year MARCHETTI machinery has gained a solid reputation as offering rational design and optimal technical solutions, linear engineering, operational convenience and ease of maintenance, total flexibility and not least sturdiness. These factors combined with competitive costs and a constant spirit of collaboration with Clients haven gained the Marchetti Company a world-wide Clientele.

Serving as it does small, medium and large-scale manufacturers, from workshops turning out a dozen bicycles a day to mass production plants with a daily output of thousands of units and to complete plants, the Marchetti Company has accrued very considerable experience of bicycle production procedures around the world. This experience continues to play a critical role as practical feedback in designing machinery that meets real operational needs, and it has also facilitated in extending positive collaboration to standing Clients at all times.

This capacity to operate in different industrial environments, with varying outlooks and markets, unequivocally testifies to the adaptability and flexibility of MARCHETTI equipment. Moreover, the fact that equipment supplied since the mid-Sixties is still widely operational is proof of the special approach to design and engineering, making MARCHETTI the pre-eminent name in the worldwide field of bicycle production machinery.