The Marchetti Alignment table Is specially made for the alignment of bicycle frames. It has the option to increase the frames linearity of the seat and head tube and center the frame as a whole. The frame can be measured to increase quality controle of the whole frame and the Alignment table can be equipped with an electric display, which identifies errors in the frame with special measuring tools. It is recommended to use the alignment table for racing bicycle and high end bicycles as these bicycles need to be in perfect condition to make a difference in their intended use.


- Accurate

- Gives insight into the  quality of frames

- Can measure frames into high quality frame

- Quality control for the whole frame




- Frame tightener

- Squaring plane

- Frame alignment

- Linearity check Seat tube

- linearity check head tube

- Optional: Electronic display

- Optional: Linearity check fork

- Optional: Rear dropouts straightening gauge


Electical connection: 230 V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 0.80 kW

Sound level: < 70 dB

Safety mark: CE

Dimensions (l × w × h): 1700 × 1000 × 1200 mm

Weight: 185 kg