The Marchetti Brake sleeve cap inserting machine is designed to speed up the process of cap application. The machine works with both aluminium and plastic cables and caps. The caps are automatically loaded into the machine and ready to use. The Machine is easy to operate and is flexible in it’s use in materials for the caps


High Efficiency


Reduction in labour costs

High output

Labour costs reduction


- Automatic selection of single cap

- Double check of cap direction

- Cap auto loader (steel/plastic/alu)

- Cleaning unit for the sleeve’s inner hole

- Metal cap Punching

- Control panel

- Base with electrical and pneumatic panel

- Vibrating drum

- Selector, insert, cleaner group


Air pressure: min. 7 bar

Air consumption: 10 I/min

Electrical connection: 230V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 2.0 kW

Sound level: < 70 dB

Safety mark: CE

Dimensions (l × w × h): 700 × 1000 × 1650 mm

Weight: 295 kg