‘To help our customer avoiding unexpected breakdown
of Marchetti equipment by
supplying them with preventive maintenance’.

Inspection & Training

Preventive maintenance
Two (2) visits a year by a Marchetti Customer Support Engineer for:
General check up, adjustments and training/instruction (small repairs included)
Inspection report with revision advise and offer for repair
Always in combination with Help Desk Support contract
3% discount on parts used during revision and check up
Contact: service@hollandmechanics.com / T: +31 (0) 299 456 200

** 6 months renewed guarantee on the machine possible **

‘Serving our customer with first class helpdesk support
in case of break down of Marchetti equipment’.

Helpdesk Support

5 x 8 Helpdesk by:
Contact: service@hollandmechanics.com / T: +31 (0) 299 456 200

• Response within 1 hour at office time
• Always first in Queue
• Remote hours of our engineers Free of Charge
• Software updates included