Highly compact and sturdy modular unit, very simple and fast and suitable for all types of frames. The ML178/R is used to widen the seat tube on the bicycle frame, so the seat tube and frame tube fit perfectly onto each other. You can do this by adjusting the reamer on the machine to your needed format. What takes a normal man ages to do, this machine can do in a few seconds and anyone can do it.


- Easy in use

- Fast

- Suitable for all types of frames

- High efficiency

- Accurate

- Reduction in labour cost

- High output

- Highly compact

- Ideal in combination with assembly line solutions


- Reaming tool rotation unit

- Adjustable reaming tool 

- Electrical foot-control lever for reaming tool rotation

- Frame holding unit during the reaming phase

- Tool cooling pump with liquid holding tank

- Adjustable tap for the reaming tool cooling

- Protection


Air pressure: min. 6 bar

Air consumption: 10 I/min

Electrical connection: 380 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 0,85 kW

Sound level: < 70 dB

Safety mark: CE

Dimensions (l × w × h): 1670 × 450 × 1450 mm

Weight: 150 kg



Additional option for frame reamer, cools reamer and cleans at the same time.