Airline macjine


The Marchetti Airline is a continuously moving hanging bicycle assembly conveyor which is motor driven. The line exists out of a head and tail with segments of 4 meters which can be added in-between. Operators can move freely around the assembly position to access certain parts of the bicycle. Besides, it is ergonomically responsible for the operators. The standard clamps can move the frame in 360 degrees on a horizontal line, with the special e-Bike clamps the bike can be turned around 360 degrees both horizontal and vertical. Factories do not require any structural condition to place the assembly line.


- High Efficiency

- Easy assembly

- Reduction in labour

- Rotation axis

- Moveable in 360 degrees on both the X and Y axis

- Flexible production

- Free movement for Workers

- Adjustable length to fit your demands

- Adjustable clamps for more freedom

- Easy to operate


Ergonomic design

Strong frame

- Moving line / Interval

- Standard 360 clamps

- Optional: Universal special clamps

- Optional: Special eBike clamps

- PLC controlled

- Adjustable speed

- Start stop switches

- Safety parts head/tail

- Adjustable length on customers request

Adjustable speed

Start/stop switches

bright skylights


Electical connection: 400 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 4.00 kW

Dimensions: Bases 1610 x 2447 x 2100mm / Blocks 443 x 442 x 4000mm

Sound level: <70 dB

Safety mark: CE

Weight: Depends on length


Standard clamp

Special eBike Clamp

Special Seat post Clamp